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Angelita Alvarez, born in Pharr, Texas in 1969 to migrant workers, experienced a childhood of traveling from state to state, picking crops and planting for the coming seasons. Living in migrant camps, this way of life seemed ordinary to her, assuming it was common among the Mexican people she knew. Married to a compassionate and patient man, Angelita is a proud mother of four children (three sons and one daughter).

At the age of six, Angelita vividly remembers living in a labor camp owned by Mr. Bob Gas in St. Henry, Ohio. Her father served as the crew foreman, harvesting green beans. The taste of fresh, raw green beans left a lasting impression on her, evoking an earthy and refreshing flavor, akin to eating rain. She fondly recalls playing in the wheat fields, pulling grains off the wheat heads and savoring their nutty and sweet taste, as close to consuming sunshine as possible.

During challenging financial times as an adult, Angelita turned to her cooking skills to make ends meet. Selling homemade tamales and other Mexican delicacies, she would have customers pre-pay for their orders, using the funds to purchase supplies. Her extra efforts, such as preparing homemade hot salsa, not only brought in additional income but also attracted more customers. Through these endeavors, Angelita managed to pay her bills, buy Christmas gifts, and even save a little money.

Now, Angelita has chosen to embrace her love for authentic Mexican cuisine and adapt it to her vegan/plant-based lifestyle. Thriving on creativity, she continuously discovers new ways to enjoy her favorite dishes. Unfortunately, Angelita never had the opportunity to express her gratitude to her mother for her boundless creativity, dedication, and countless lessons. Her mother passed away in her sleep due to a massive heart attack, having refused to change her eating habits despite developing type 2 diabetes. Although their relationship was not always affectionate, Angelita feels her mother's presence and approval whenever she makes tortillas, pozole, tamales, or cactus paddles – a silent acknowledgment that she did it right.

Angelita clarifies that she is not a trained chef but rather a creative home cook who can transform minimal ingredients into meals infused with soul, love, passion, and flavor. She warmly welcomes you to her world, where she shares, teaches, and loves through her experiences with spices, herbs, and the bounties of the earth, seeds, and water.

Nutritional Cooking

Linda McNiff

"During our annual family gathering, Angelita usually prepares several vegan meals for a crew of meat-eaters. The plant-based meals are beautiful, delicious, and filling. Everyone serves themselves a second helping and leave the table satisfied."

Frank Contreras

"I have known Angelita A Hughes for 2 years now. She is efficient, detailed, oriented, and extremely competent at what she does. Angelita connects with all kinds of people and inspires, motivates, and encourages them to incorporate a more healthy lifestyle. She is very skillful in converting regular foods into Vegan Plant/Base meals especially Latin Foods like her Posole, Menudo and Tres Leches."

Cori Banks

"What a breath of fresh air! Angelita Hughes is a phenomenal healthy nutritionist Chef. She loves what she does and you can taste the love in every bite. My favorite is her vegan tacos, made with sweet potatoes loaded with deliciousness and a side of her famous guacamole and seasoned beans. The best plant-based Chef that I know."

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