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Angelita Alvarez Born in Pharr, Texas 1969 to Migrant workers. We traveled from state to state picking crops or planting for the coming season. We lived in Migrant Camps and to us, it was just a way of Life. I thought everyone did that. Well, at least all the Mexican people I knew. I have 4 Children (3 sons-1 daughters). I am married to a wonderful man with compassion, love, and patience that is not found in many people.


I still remember being 6 years old living in St. Henry, Ohio in a labor camp owned by Mr. Bob Gas. My father was the foreman of the crews and he harvested green beans. I loved the taste of fresh, raw green beans. The flavor was so earthy and fresh. To me, it was the closes thing to eating rain. Crazy, right! Sometimes we would go take lunch to my Dad and we would play in the wheat fields. I remember pulling the grains off the wheat heads and chewing on them. The flavor was nutty and sweet and the closes I could come to eating sunshine.


My Mom would cook all our meals. I can’t even remember ever eating at a restaurant. I would watch my Mom take flour and add other stuff and just like that she hand-rolled flour tortillas. The smell that perfumed the house, the scent of Life. Sometimes just a plain bean and rice taco in a fresh homemade flour tortilla hugged me from the inside out. I decided I wanted to do that. So, I pulled out her large bowl, the baking powder, the shortening, and salt. I added a pinch of this, a dash of that a, a cup of flour and warm water. I made glue; I think. My Mom was laughing and she showed me how to do it the correct way. I learned to measure by feeling the texture and looking at the consistency of the dough. Mom taught me how to measure a teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, and a pinch within my hands and no measuring cup needed. This is what is known as Soul Cooking. The lessons I learned in the Kitchen of so many Migrant Camps not only taught me to cook, it taught me about Life. A little of this, a dash of that and a lot of the other and sometimes we ruin the whole batch because we don’t take the time to feel the texture or look at the consistency.

After I was an adult and times got hard, financially, I always would fall back to my cooking skills. I would make Tamales or other Mexicana Foods and sell them to make ends meet. I would have people pre-pay for 50%, their orders and this would give me the money to buy the supplies and ingredients. When I would deliver the orders, I would collect the rest. I always made extras and I would make homemade hot salsa to sell for an extra $0.50. That would get me more orders for Salsa only. I managed to pay all my bills, buy Christmas gifts, and have a little money to put in the bank.


Now I have chosen to take my Love of True Mexican Food and re-invent it to suit my Vegan/ Plant-based Lifestyle. I thrive on creating new ways of enjoying my favorite meals. I will never have the chance to thank my Mom for her creativity, dedication, and endless lessons. My Mom died on March 7, 2018, she suffered a massive heart attack and died in her sleep. Mom developed type 2 diabetes and she would not change her way of eating. Fast forward 20 years and she’s gone. I am grateful for the time we had, but I can’t say that it was a loving atmosphere. She taught me what I needed to know and every time I make Tortillas, Pozole, Tamales, or Cactus Paddles, I can imagine her smiling at me, and with her eyes, she said, “You did it right”!


I am not a trained Chef, what I am is a creative home cook that can turn a meal of minimal ingredients into a meal made with Soul, Love, Passion, and Flavor. Welcome to my World where I will share, teach, and love you through my experience with Spices and Herbs from The Earth, The Seeds, and the Water.
















"During our annual family gathering, Angelita usually prepares several vegan meals for a crew of meat-eaters. The plant-based meals are beautiful, delicious, and filling. Everyone serves themselves a second helping and leave the table satisfied."

— Linda McNiff


"I have known Angelita A Hughes for 2 years now. She is efficient, detailed, oriented, and extremely competent at what she does. Angelita connects with all kinds of people and inspires, motivates, and encourages them to incorporate a more healthy lifestyle. She is very skillful in converting regular foods into Vegan Plant/Base meals especially Latin Foods like her Posole, Menudo and Tres Leches."

— Frank Contreras

Retired Food|Beverage|Retail Rep.

"What a breath of fresh air! Angelita Hughes is a phenomenal healthy nutritionist Chef. She loves what she does and you can taste the love in every bite. My favorite is her vegan tacos, made with sweet potatoes loaded with deliciousness and a side of her famous guacamole and seasoned beans. The best plant-based Chef that I know."

— Cori Banks


"Angelita Hughes makes it easy for anyone to go plant-based. Even diehard meat-eaters will enjoy her delicious, savory, and colorful meals, which are appealing to the eyes and the taste buds. Angelita has been a member of the Greenville Vegan Potluck and Supper Club for several years, and has been a speaker at our meetings and also taught cooking classes. I have attended nutritional training meetings with her and watched her prepare flavorful foods in the kitchen. Angelita is a kind, empathetic, and caring person. Her heart breaks for people with health challenges, and she is eager to help them transition to a new healthy and nutritious way of eating. Angelita has also spent a lot of time and energy getting her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate with the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She is also certified with the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine as a Food for Life Coach. Angelita is a passionate cook, and she always incorporates her Hispanic heritage into her dishes. I am excited to see what lies ahead for Angelita, and am eager to learn from her too."

— Nicky Vanvalkenburgh

Coordinator at Greenville Vegan Potluck & Supper Club


"I have known Angie for years and she knows I love to not eat right. Lol I have watched her work on eating healthy and now she has went plant based . She has been doing this for a long while, even took classes. This is the healthiest I have ever seen her. being a little stubborn to change my eating habits and becoming diabetic, I started to listen to her more as far as how she was changing to plant base. It has really made me start changing some of my eating habits, not drastically yet but I am eating way more vegetables than I used to and less and less meat and dairy products. I am a work in progress as they say lol, but now they have diagnosed my husband with rheumatoid arthritis and I really want to make us both healthier. I've never been great in the kitchen, but Angie has taught me how to use more spices and more plant based substitutes that even my meat and potatoes husband loves and believe me that is saying a mouthful."

---- Debra Brigman


"If you want to pursue healthier eating habits but fear missing out on the immense flavors of typical dishes, I recommend you try Earth, Seeds, and Water LLC. The passion, energy, and flavors that are put into each dish are delicious and can be tasted in each bite. Angelita does an amazing job of infusing authentic culture into her dishes. I have had the pleasure of tasting the food and was left craving more of her nutritious yet flavorful plates. Every bit is fresh tasting with great quality ingredients. With her great morals and compassion for people, she serves as a great nutritionist who aids every individual to strive for better habits. The way she is able to create vegan and plant-based foods that reflect her love for authentic food is outstanding and will have anyone second-guessing if the food in front of them is truly plant-based or vegan!"

— Elena C. Lopez

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