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Breakdown of Sun Pods Lifestyle Programs

1st Program Seeds

Seeds (6 weeks)

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today's crazy world; your personality, sense of humor, and most importantly your heat. All of these elements brought me to start Earth Seeds & Water. Seeds is my introduction class to cooking, where you learn the basic foundations of becoming an amazing plant-based cook. Just like planting a seed, I will lay the groundwork and help you water and fertilize this new lifestyle, and together we will watch it grow a new sprout. This takes time and just as we can't see what's happening with the seed after we plant it, we have to trust that the proper care has been taken to ensure a healthy plant! 

  1. Basic Whole Plant-based food Nutrition

  2. Weight In or Take Measurements

  3. The layout of a Healthy Kitchen Pantry and Stocking a Freezed & Refrigerator 

  4. Best Pots, Pans and Kitchen Utensils for this new way of eating 

  5. Best knives for the home chef in you. There's no need for 10 different knives. 3 knives are plenty 

  6. Questions and answers & weigh-in or measurements 


**Plant-Based snack will be offered**


Learning a new lifestyle is hard enough, but hopefully, we can make it an easier transition for you. It's about baby steps. Trading one bad habit for a good one. One day at a time. One meal at a time. Sometimes it's a food choice at a time. 

Together we will work out a meal plan that will work for you and this will make it easier for you to stick to. 

2nd Program Seeds

Sprout (6 weeks)

Growing up as a migrant worker, when the tomato plants started growing, we would have to physically remove the suckers off the plants to allow them to grow fuller and produce better fruit and more of it. In these 6 weeks, we will learn the importance of eliminating unhealthy foods from our diet in order to allow our bodies to grow healthier, more vibrant, and become cleaner as we rid ourselves of toxins and (for some of us) unwanted pounds. 

  1. Weight-in or measurements | Overview of 1st Program 

  2. List of foods and drinks that are hard to give up | help in finding substitutions

  3. Batch Cooking

  4. Meal prepping for the week 

  5. Grocery Store Tour 

  6. Hands-on Cooking Demonstration 

**Plant-Based snack will be offered**

Sun Pods is a part of Earth, Seeds, and Water LLC and we are a plant-based and vegan lifestyle program aimed to help get individuals healthier by teaching them how to select, purchase and prepare whole foods that are plant-based.


We also guide you on how to transition for the standard American diet to a WFPB Lifestyle. Teach you the importance of proper set up in healthy eating, exercise, and nutrition. We are a step by step program that works with you to make a lifestyle change not a timed diet. 


We go back to basics. It's having to learn how to cook the whole foods plant-based way. No added oils, salts or sugar. Flavoring with herbs, spices, and vinegar. Getting healthy one meal at a time! Happy vibes =Healthy Lives. 


Registration & Course Fee's

Registration For Online SEEDS OR SPROUTS 

Classroom Setting | Zoom Meetings

( 10 minimum)

$75.00 per person – questionnaire must be filled out completely and paid in full

Registration For In-Person Classes SEEDS OR SPROUTS

One on One | Zoom Meeting or FB Messenger

$100.00 per person – questionnaire must be filled out completely and paid in full


6 Week Course/2 hrs per class

$280 for the 6-week course

In-Person Course SEEDS or SPROUTS

6 Week Course / 2 hours per class

$325.00 for the 6-week course

Cost Per Online Class


$55.00 per class

Cost Per In-Person Class

$65.00 per class

** Each class consist of 2 hours that include 30 minutes of Q & A **

Phone Consultations


$25 up to an hour and $15.00 up 30 minutes after the 1st hour on the same call

Personal Chef

A personal chef for a 2 hour minimum $25/hr for labor only. Plus cost of ingredients, shopping  if not provided by the client

Plant-based food only $65.00 per hour. As 1/21 

Special Request

Recipe Conversions – so you can still enjoy those delicious meals that have been handed down from generation to generation or your own recipes that you’ve grown to love but can no longer enjoy because you don’t know how to convert it to a plant-based version. / $45.00 per recipe

Food For Life Course

Learn more about diets, cooking, and the best diets for specific medical issues. 

Price per Project on the Following

Catering, Showers, Holiday Meals, Tea Parties, Family Gatherings, etc

Class & Consultation Registration Questionnaire 

Welcome to Our Program. We are very happy that you have taken this new path to change your health through plant-based eating. We strive to guide you and give you the tools necessary to make the transition easy and inspiring. 

Please review the following questions and answer them to the best of your ability. Your information will remain private and will not be shared or sold to any company or mailing list. 

Please be as honest as possible, this will be the only way that we can truly help guide you. 

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